[CS:1.6] AKs-74u On Mantuna's Animations

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[CS:1.6] AKs-74u On Mantuna's Animations

Post  MadxXx on Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:36 pm

Key Authors
Model: Millenia
Textures: Millenia
Animation: Mantuna
Sounds: Ubisoft (FC2)
Porting Sounds: MrSaint1023
Gloves (DL): GRavityShock, Kla$h_07 (Kla$hinKoV)
Orginal CSS Release: DarkFreZix

Gloves (Video) - MadxXx (Tware Basis)

Music: Bailo & K.Lo - Incredible

Compile, Sound Edit's, Mag Edit's,
Model Edit's & Texture Edit's
By MadxXx


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